Time Lapse Museum

16 11 2017

A short video illustrating the concept and the different phases behind our Time Lapse Museum project in Finland. To create this physically and conceptually connected entity, between the ‘Alvar Aalto Museum’, and the ‘Museum of central Finland’ we decided to analyse Aalto’s distinctive building typologies and their circulation/distribution spaces. These were then combined and incorporated through a refined abstraction, thereby creating homage to Aalto and the trace/architectural framework for the new museum.

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WAN Award

Open Gate Art Platform

12 10 2017

Open Gate is one of six ambitious projects selected for the Future Projects Civic Awards shortlist. Jury comments: “I like the simplicity of this building, I think it creates a strong connection to nature in its setting. I think it is a very welcoming place to be, quite open, easy to get into and quite a friendly building, I would expect it to attract quite a diverse range of people.Suzi Winstanley
As a sculptural form set into the landscape it does have a clear relationship from the interior to the exterior, it is tantalising as a form.” Keb Garavito Bruhn
It appears to have a well-resolved geometry and that’s quite satisfying. It feels like it floats over the park, it’s a strong response.” Simon Erridge

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USC Paris

Lecture Matteo Cainer

27 07 2017

Matteo Cainer is doing reviewing and Lecturing at the Paris detachment of USC (University Southern California). Lecture - Transformative Concrete, addressing issues of mobility and transformation as well as the social implications of set manipulations both within existing/abandoned building and as part of new hybrid architectures.

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