La Biennale dello Stretto

MCA Invited to participate

30 06 2022

FANTASTIC News!! Matteo Cainer Architecture has been invited to contribute to the first edition of the 'LA BIENNALE DELLO STRETTO'  Curated by Alfonso Femia and Francesca Moracci, happening from the 30th of September to the 4th of October 2022 at the Batteria Forte Siacci (Calabria)and the Fondazione Horcynus Orca (Messina) Italy.

The curatorial aim is ' to give a concrete dimension to the pursuit of invisibility extended to every hidden - or only apparently revealed - place throughout the Mediterranean', offering, therefore, a reflection on the whole Mediterranean world, architecture, art, cinema, and culture, through an Invitational call to action.

Within the context of reference “Invisible Mediterranean(s)” the call to action invites the development of the theme in specific dimensions.

Somerset House, London

Gingerbread City

07 12 2019

Magical News!!! Matteo Cainer Architecture has been invited to participate at the GINGERBREAD CITY exhibition at Somerset House in London. Curated by Melissa Woolford - Museum of Architecture, the exhibition will run from the 7th of December till the 5th of January 2020. 

The project presented is Fee-fi-fo-fum, an enchanted park celebrating the ability of nature to redesign its own territory, its landscape, its meaning and its relationship with the constructed world. Inspired by the fairy tale of Jack and the connects humans to nature as a form of tactical creativity, one that will offer residents a new magical coexistence.

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Touring Exhibition

30 11 2018

At the Architecture Hall in the University of Nebraska-Lincon, FOLD Presents the final exhibition of its Fall 2019 program 'Architecture is Everything, Everything is Architecture.' In collaboration with CAMPO, the exhibition reflects on Hans Hollein text 'Everything is Architecture' (1968) with contributions by Alejandra Celedon, Alessandro Piangiamonre, Brendan Cormier, WAI Architecture Think Tank, ecoLogicStudio, Kyle Miller, Luca Molinari, Matteo Cainer, Miraj Ahmed, Leonardo Finotti, Minimaforms, Umberto Napolitano.


Exhibition Opening

14 09 2018

Opening of the exhibition: Architecture is Everything 1968-2018 at Spazio Campo at 19:00. The show is a result of a workshop curated by Luca Galofaro and Marco Galofaro with students working with contributions from various architects. Participants included our principal Matteo Cainer, Minimaforms, LAN, ecoLogicStudio and many more. The reinterpretation of Hollein’s manifesto proposed by Matteo was: Brutal Beauty - 'Everything has beauty, but not everybody sees it' (Confucius), it was illustrated through a photograph of the object itself and a short text. The exhibition will stay open for the next 10 days and then will possibly be travelling to other locations.

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Architecture is Everything

28 06 2018

Matteo Cainer has been invited to contribute to the 4th edition of the annual Workshop and Exhibition at CAMPO: 'Architecture is Everything'. For this year’s edition we will work with Hans Hollein’s manifesto 'Everything is Architecture' to turn it upside-down, producing 'Architecture is Everything'. Each contributor will give their reinterpretation of Hollein’s manifesto by selecting an object and describing the world – real or imaginary – that has produced it through a photograph of the object itself and a short text.

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