The research conducted within the practice is nested into every project as it develops and evolves. The aim is to bridge & merge: arts, nature, technology and industry, through both experimentation and collaboration elaborating, therefore, new innovative sustainable solutions.

Through investigations of both social, urban and architectural issues, we gain the ability to initially identify complex issues, challenge them, understand them and subsequently redefine them. The aim is to create a new platform for experimentation both in the larger urban system and within the socio-political realm.

These new clusters, fed through alliances with other disciplines, have the potential to generate social, political and urban change.

‘Architects have to stop thinking in terms of buildings only. Built and physical architecture, freed from the technological limitations of the past, will more intensely work with spatial qualities as well as the psychological ones….. A true architecture of our time will have to redefine itself and to expand its means….. All are architects. Everything is architecture.’
- Hans Hollein, 1966

The following section will be continuously updated, integrated and developed as the office research evolves and ramifies into new trajectories and challenging new global issues and interests.