II Biennale dello Stretto

MCA invited to participate

13 05 2024

GREAT News!! Matteo Cainer Architecture has been invited to contribute to the second edition of the 'LA BIENNALE DELLO STRETTO' Curated by Alfonso Femia, Francesca Moracci and Mariangela Cama, with the project 'Picasso Dreams of Dali'. The exhibition runs from the 18 settembre al 14 dicembre 2024 at the Batteria Forte Siacci (Calabria)and the Fondazione Horcynus Orca (Messina) Italy.

The curatorial themes this year are two: de"Le tre linee d’acqua" and "il Futuro delle Città". They propose a broad reflection on the city; its constituent parts and categories of objects, all geared towards advanced planning, compatible with the needs of the future.

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15 04 2024

We are currently looking for enthusiastic All round Architects with 3-5+ years of experience to work on our TALIAN PROJECTS.
Candidate must be passionate, ambitious, and motivated, speak both Italian and English, be proficient in 3D Modelling in Rhinoceros, 2D drawing in AutoCAD, have Knowledge of rendering software and be familiar with all phases of design and construction.


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MC Teaching

05 03 2024

Matteo Cainer is teaching at NABA the Interior and spatial design studio IV: MANIPULATING TIME. The research and thematic of this year's studio is Adaptive reuse in architecture and interior design. AR holds significant importance in today's world, embodying sustainability, preservation, and innovation. It champions the transformation of existing structures, breathing new life into old spaces while reducing environmental impact.

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Siracusa, Sicily

Villa La Rocca

28 10 2023

Excited to present our proposal for the master planning and landscaping of the Villa La Rocca estate in Siracusa, Italy. The overarching vision seeks to harmoniously merge the various elements, by artfully weaving each of the social, cultural and holistic functions into the tapestry of the landscape.

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