Sculptural Benches


Commissioned as bespoke exterior furniture for the Forêt Urbaine renovation project, the integrated sculptural benches were designed to be a central part of the roof-scape. Inspired by their future use and the adjacent spaces, each one presents a uniqueness that offers specific views on the city’s monuments.

To further push the idea of seamless integration with the natural environment, we designed each bench using different guiding principles, from origami folding, to human body positions, to playful combinations of elements that would accommodate interesting dialogues between the user, nature and the surrounding city.

Made from teak, each bench has its own unique form and functionality, from the ‘Longue bench’, inspired by the chaise longue, to the ‘Nested’ and ‘Shifting’ bench to ‘Origami’ and the ‘Body bench’.

Design: Matteo Cainer
Material: Teak wood
Location: La Forêt Urbaine