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The work of the practice has been widely published in various books and national and international magazines. From books like 'Unbuilt Masterworks of the 21st Century' defined as a treasure trove of the best projects to have been proposed since the turn of the millennium, and 'IDEA projects'  to magazines like MARK, FRAME, ANC, INTERNI and more.  Furthermore, the work has been featured on multiple online websites and blogs among which Archdaily, Designboom, Bustler, Archinet, Inhabitat, and many more.

Matteo Cainer has also been published in books and international magazines with both essays and interviews. Moreover, he has also authored and edited a number of books and catalogues in the field of architecture and design.


Idea Design

Evolving Architecture

01 08 2013

IDEA (Idea Design: Evolving Architecture) contains 78 projects all categorized according to various shapes: towers & groups, boxes, polygons, circles and organic forms. It follows ‘the shape’ of architecture that occurs in the process of being conceived and its materialization from idea to a project. Through an evolving process from concepts and ideas in a variety of fields to architectural forms by diagramming, the architects will show their different architectural perspectives and an approach to issues and inspirations.
Featured projects: Timeless Cube, Camellian Opera House, Three stone performing Arts Centre 

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