Distinguished Projects Reviews

05 12 2020

Inspiring day of crits for our principal Matteo Cainer at the UA fall 2020 Distinguished Projects Reviews at the Pratt School of Architecture in NY.

FUTURE HIVE - instructors: Deborah Gans & James Garrison, SOLAR SCULPTING - instructors: Lawrence Blough & Simone Giostra, NESTING SPACES - Instructor: Duks Koschitz & Robert Brakett III

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Tenso-Lectures #5

22 06 2020

Tenso-lecture #5- The fifth episode in the series of seven. Matteo Cainer will discuss his new curatorial initiative 'Alphabet for the Future' and trace the more humancentric and socially conscious design approach adopted in projects like the Taittoigami Museum extension and Sant' Antonio Musicale in Trieste.

Lecture #5
June 28th 2020
16:00 London UK Time

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