Chianti, Tuscany

Villa Fornace

25 10 2022

We are thrilled to present our proposal for the new project, 'Villa Fornace'. Our goal is to intelligently transform this historic furnace, which presently houses a sculpture museum, into an inspired and uniquely poetic residence. Our approach is to preserve its unique identity while seamlessly integrating it with the natural elements and awe-inspiring views of the Chianti hills in Castelnuovo Berardenga, Italy.

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La Biennale dello Stretto

MCA Invited to participate

30 06 2022

FANTASTIC News!! Matteo Cainer Architecture has been invited to contribute to the first edition of the 'LA BIENNALE DELLO STRETTO'  Curated by Alfonso Femia and Francesca Moracci, with the project Colle degli Agrumi. The exhibition runs from the 30th of September to the 4th of October 2022 at the Batteria Forte Siacci (Calabria)and the Fondazione Horcynus Orca (Messina) Italy.

The curatorial aim is ' to give a concrete dimension to the pursuit of invisibility extended to every hidden - or only apparently revealed - place throughout the Mediterranean', offering, therefore, a reflection on the whole Mediterranean world, architecture, art, cinema, and culture, through an Invitational call to action.

Within the context of reference “Invisible Mediterranean(s)” the call to action invites the development of the theme in specific dimensions.

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Barnes, London

Launching WHITE 2

10 06 2022

For Milano Design Week 2022 we finally launched and installed our 'White 2' - white square- hanging lamp in our small 'Abstract Barnes' extension in London. 

The idea is that of creating a visual dialogue between the above skylight and the below dining table through the concept of a double cone

#MCA_White2 #MCA_Whitesquare

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