Exhibition Opening

14 09 2018

Opening tonight of the exhibition Architecture is Everything 1968-2018  at Spazio Campo at 19:00. The show is a result of a workshop curated by Luca Galofaro and Marco Galofaro with students working with contributions from various architects. Participants included our principal Matteo Cainer, Minimaforms, LAN, ecoLogicStudio and many more. The reinterpretation of Hollein’s manifesto proposed by Matteo was: Brutal Beauty - 'Everything has beauty, but not everybody sees it' (Confucius), it was illustrated through a photograph of the object itself and a short text. The exhibition will stay open for the next 10 days and then will possibly be travelling to other locations.

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Architecture is Everything

28 06 2018

Matteo Cainer has been invited to contribute to the 4th edition of the annual Workshop and Exhibition at CAMPO: 'Architecture is Everything'. For this year’s edition we will work with Hans Hollein’s manifesto 'Everything is Architecture' to turn it upside-down, producing 'Architecture is Everything'. Each contributor will give their reinterpretation of Hollein’s manifesto by selecting an object and describing the world – real or imaginary – that has produced it through a photograph of the object itself and a short text.

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Dark Side Club, Venezia

Matteo Cainer Curator

23 05 2018

Matteo Cainer curating and moderating the discussion of the 7th edition of the Dark Side Club in Venezia, the 23-25th of May 2018. The overarching theme of the three evenings is: ‘Digital submission or Architectural Domination’ and the three specific themes for each evening are - Mirror Mirror…, The awareness of Skynet’ and Cyber-polis, Media-polis, Data-polis, Porno-polis,Techno-polis.

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