Colorado, USA

Reel House

01 05 2023

Our 'Reel House' is finally under construction, or better demolitions have started!! The sweeping renovation of a Victorian two-story home is inspired by the client’s profession in cinematography and, therefore, designed to capture the essence of the cinematic experience, characterized by excitement, surprise, emotion, and lighting techniques.


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Milano, Italy

Salone del Mobile

18 04 2023

Matteo Cainer has been invited this Salone del Mobile to speak at DROPCITY by SOCII.MILANO and Thomas Ibrahim on Evolutionary urban morphology. The idea is to emphasize changes in the meaning of spaces from a critical historical perspective, addressing the homogenization of cities, and new opportunities for shared creative spaces.

Thursday 20th April 2023 at 17:00
DROPCITY Tunnel 38

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Milano, Italy

Salone del Mobile

12 04 2023

The collective cultural project WOODCONNECTION by M13 Studio for TDW–Tegernseer Dielenwerk has invited on the 21st of April Matteo Cainer to DISCUSS:
'Alphabet for the Future' at 11:00am, and to moderate the talk 'Back to the roots?' at 15:00pm during the 2023 Salone del Mobile in Milano Italy.

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