Synchronized History


‘Synchronised History’ is the art piece created by Matteo Cainer for the 13th Edition of the ‘L’arte nell’uovo di Pasqua’ - the Art in the Easter Egg. This is an international charitable art event in Rome, promoted by Sergio Valente and Francesco Stella. The exhibition brings together artists, sculptors, designers and architects of national and international importance who have been chosen to produce work on the theme of the Easter egg.
Our participation was not only in order to benefit the charitable foundation for research into Parkinson’s disease, but it was also in direct relation with the issues and investigative interests within the office. In ‘Synchronised History’ there is a clear aim to reflect on the current global situation surrounding beliefs and religion, especially in the days just after the Brussels bombings.


The idea behind this creation was to challenge and discuss through a synchronised reading the history, myths and beliefs of the Easter egg. The resulting work traces the history from its origins, to the often pointless, treacherous beliefs and ideologies, all the way through human manipulations and its commercialisation in the present day.

Design: Matteo Cainer
Material: Cardboard, Perspex, led light, paint
Exhibition Location: Spazio Fendi, Rome Italy
Supported Charity: LIMPE - Lega Italiana per la lotta contro la Malattia di Parkinson