Sculptural Chimneys


Designed as part of the Forêt Urbaine penthouse renovation project, the sculptural chimneys, inspired by Gaudi’s ‘La Pedrera’, have come to be one of the signature elements of the project.

In order to address the architectural constraints and impositions from the building's natural ventilation system, multiple chimneys pierce the apartment. To diminish their disruption we deviated and transformed them into strong design statements that reinforce the concept of the Forêt Urbaine. Like trees, these chimneys are now sculpted, iconic elements that not only outline the interiors and roof-scape, allowing for unexpected views, spaces and shadows, but are also the so-called supporting trunks for the pergola above.

Made from wood, each element has its own unique form and function, such as integrated benches, incorporated bars and supports that encourage the spread of creeping plants.

Design: Matteo Cainer
Material: Teak wood
Client: La Forêt Urbaine