Designed as part of the Forêt Urbaine penthouse renovation project, the pergola is the key element that crowns the concept of the suspended forest high above the cityscape. Designed to foster the growth of creeping vegetation, it also provides much-needed shade for the connected leisure landscape.

Conceptually conceived as trees branching out over the site, the pergola is supported and structurally anchored to the sculptural chimneys. These act as trunks to the high foliage and at the same time root the pergola within the roof-scape. The geometry is in direct dialogue with the interior of the apartment, therefore binding the two visually.

Made from a timber structure and designed to withstand wind and snow-bearing loads, it incorporates steel elements and an engineered cage needed to lift the glass cube of the main patio from the lower living room. Based on specific sun studies and solar analysis through Ecotech, it integrates variously adjustable brises-soleil.

Specifically designed for the site, the pergola creates enchanted spaces which are at times invaded by nature and at others bathed in dappled light.

Design: Matteo Cainer
Material: Timber structure, steel core
Dimensions: 42 x 17m
Client: La Forêt Urbaine