MCA Tote Bag


The new MCA tote bag, is the result of a close collaboration between Matteo Cainer and the Venetian artist Lucia Veronesi.

The idea came from the need to create a 'Made in Italy' design piece that would be elegant, versatile and useful in everyday life, and where the approach and design philosophy of architect Matteo Cainer and the artistic talent of Lucia Veronesi would be in perfect synergy.

The result is a stylish and colourful flexible bag that also conveys the core concepts of tension between multidisciplinary clusters within the work and philosophy of the office. The bag can be worn closed, creating an external pocket to insert rolls, drawing tools or simply a newspaper, or completely open, transforming it into a large bag with more capacity.

The bag itself has been entirely handmade, from the sewing to the work of the artist who silk-screened the artwork on every bag. It is composed of two fabrics, an interior impermeable black material to protect the contents and an external more resilient and thicker yellow fabric with the silk-screened artwork, resulting in a very high-quality product.

Another important feature is the handles, also in double-layer fabric, which have been specifically designed to be wider for greater comfort when the bag reaches its full capacity. Inside there is a pocket for mobile phones or keys, where the artist has signed each piece and on the reverse side the architect’s signature, upon request.

Design: Matteo Cainer & Lucia Veronesi
Material: Yellow silk-screened cloth, black impermeable fabric
Dimensions: Closed: 40 x 43cm, Opened: 40 x 63cm
Price: 40 Euros +shipping and handling

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