Glass Furniture


Commissioned to be part of the Forêt Urbaine penthouse renovation project in Paris, the glass interior for the walk-in wardrobe of the master bedroom, was designed to be a stylish vitrine for clothing and an optical instrument like a kaleidoscope, creating an array of reflecting patterns within the room.

Through the multiple layers of glass furniture, the sunlight penetrates deep into the room, offering magically sunlit spaces, and creating interesting views towards the landscape and the exterior monuments.

Composed of 1cm-thick toughened safety glass, each piece is bonded seamlessly at the joints. The mechanical hinges and supports are in sturdy chrome so that it is much less delicate than it looks. The glass has a light green tinge to emphasise the dialogue with the vegetation outside.

Design: Matteo Cainer
Material: 1cm toughened safety glass, chrome joints
Dimensions: 30 m2
Client: La Forêt Urbaine