Architecture International Forum

The A_IF is an interdisciplinary symposium that will aim to address the role of architecture in today’s society. Created as an annual event, the Forum’s aim is to act as a platform for shaping new ways of thinking and innovating architecture in relationship with the world.

Independent and impartial, the A_IF encourages public and private cooperation. During an immersive multi-day event the A_IF format will engage the leaders of the world’s architectural community, with governments, cooperation leaders, industry, activists, artist, all in a critical debate so as to truly make a difference.

The intention is to provide an opportunity to advance, extend and discuss the effects of society’s plural demands on the future of architecture.

The A_IF’s overarching goal is to provide a unique place for new ideas and solutions to flourish. Bringing together leaders from different backgrounds will create a critical bridging between the profession and its context, one that responds to universal social and economic concerns through discussions, research, and experimentation. Utilising collective research, and collaboration across the multiple fields affecting the profession will help define new trajectories for a renewed social awareness and a more strategic understanding of our future.

These findings will then be transformed into a publication the A_IF Diaries. These will trace the outcomes of each of the forums through papers, essays, transcripts and pictures documenting all that happened in and around the forum. As a seismograph, these annual publications will compile and trace the evolution and development of architectural, social, economic and political ambitions.

By providing new tools and resources through interdisciplinary collaborations and alternative and progressive engagements, we will empower practitioners, organizations and the industry, not only to successfully re-engage architecture but also to create new emerging ventures.

London, United Kingdom
Founding member