Matteo Cainer is launching a new curatorial initiative, an international OPEN CALL to all Architecture Graduates of 2020, to draw and sketch a new Extraordinary World.

Covid-19 has presented us with a new challenge, at the physical, psychological and social levels. Our cities have been locked-down, we have been house-bound and our lifestyle and consumption habits have changed. It is time to transform the pandemic crisis into an opportunity for envisioning new lines of thinking, fostering radical strategies and innovative behavioural models that not only question our current mode of living but start to rethink and create a resilient global narrative for our future cities.

You have been asked to change long-standing routines of education, and work and learn remotely, graduating from your room. You rose to the challenge! We admire your strength, your will, passion and perseverance in such extraordinary times. We believe, therefore, that it is time to give back to you because the future IS an opportunity and we want you to seize it and to have a voice on the world stage.

You are the Future so we ask YOU, Graduate Architects of 2020, to imagine and sketch not only how the future will change after the pandemic but how YOU WANT IT TO CHANGE.

We want to create a new Alphabet for the Future: a fresh architectural and design language, to compose an unprecedented vocabulary of ideas for a more equitable way of living, one that is more aware, responsible, conscious, environmental, egalitarian, generous and human-centric.

We want to see your ideas on paper.

The best sketches from around the globe will be part of an international exhibition and a book to compose a new ‘Alphabet for the Future’.

Please spread the word to all 2020 ARCHITECTURE GRADUATES

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Twitter: @alphabetfuture
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Download and share the amazing posters
created by: Design by TOKO
What Now?  
Post C-19!



The aim is to move beyond the current scene, dominated by cyberspace, video simulation and the fashionable image parade and instead promote the hand 'sketch' and its power to clearly convey innovative ideas and revolutionary concepts.

In this pause of accelerated online immersive environments, we want to illustrate how the power of a simple idea can be a catalyst for future change. Graduates have free rein to choose their focus of interest in how they think the pandemic will inform and should inform our imminent new way of living.


We are looking for sketches that represent radical yet tangible ideas of our future. These can be simple or elaborate, detailed or minimal, a conceptual vision or pragmatic reality. Free your mind and let your hands do the drawing!!

Sketches can be on: A3, A2, A1 sheets.
The material should be: paper or trace.

Each submission should be accompanied by a descriptive text of maximum 500 words. In the text document please also include all your contact details and that you declare authorship of the design idea.




The call is open to all the Architecture Graduates of 2020.
(If selected for the exhibition we will require proof from your University.)


The anticipated programme, which may be subject to variation, is as follows:

Call: Sunday 31st May 2020
Submission deadline: Wednesday 30th September 2020
Email notification to selected graduates: October 2020

Submission method

Before sending your sketch please check this address.
It might change as a result of the pandemic.

Sketches should be sent via post to:

Matteo Cainer
Flat 5
178A Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London W11 2EB
United Kingdom

You should also send us a digital scan (PDF, JPG) together with a descriptive text, your details, and a declaration of authorship to alphabet@matteocainer.com

Please note:
The total file size should not exceed 10MB
The name listed on the word document will be used as the credits in all promotional activity, so please ensure this is accurate.

Evaluation criteria

We are looking for projects that are forward-thinking, inspiring and prepare us to actively participate in the post-pandemic coexistence with amazing resilience and a new narrative for a more sustainable social, political and infrastructural future.

By submitting your sketch you agree to abide by the decision of the evaluation as final.

Notification of result/publication and publicity

The selected designs will be published after all entrants have been notified.

Entrants must not release their designs for publication to any third parties until after the result has been officially announced and permission has been granted. Graduates should note that by submitting their sketch they are expected to honour the request for confidentiality to prevent information being leaked to the press before any official announcement is made.

We reserve the right to publicise any design submission and the selected one, in any promotional activity, including all social media channels, as we consider fit.

You also grant permission for reproduction of the material supplied, in all formats, in all media and on all platforms in perpetuity, in whole or in part, either separately or together with other designs, with or without explanatory text, without payment.

Authors will be credited and recognised in all associated media and publicity. This information will be taken from your submission so please ensure the details are accurate.


The ownership of copyright will be in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (copyright rests with the author of the submitted design).


All enquiries relating to the Call should be directed to: