Matteo Cainer has participated in various workshops, both as professor and as contributing participants. From week-long workshops at the Confluence Institute in Lyon to a full three-day workshop in Ajaccio, Corsica. He was also invited to various day workshops at Rice and Columbia Paris and at the Iaac Institute in Barcelona.

'Architecture is Everything'

MCA Architecture is everything

Matteo Cainer was invited to contribute to the fourth yearly summer workshop at CAMPO. The workshop worked with Hans Hollein’s manifesto Everything is Architecture to turn it upside-down, producing 'Architecture is Everything'. If in 1968 Hans Hollein demolished the boundaries of architecture with a thousand words and over 90 images, 50 years after his iconoclastic prophecy is fully realised: architecture is completely dissolved into the dematerializing overflow of information. Which are then the possibilities of architecture in the contemporary condition?

Each contributor was asked to give their re-interpretation of Hollein’s manifesto by selecting an object and describe the world – real or imaginary – that has produced it through a photograph of the object itself and a short text. The participants to the workshop will depart from these objects, images and texts, to develop a narrative and to construct a landscape or an architecture, using the model as a form of collage.

Workshop and Exhibition curated by Luca Galofaro and Marco Galofaro
Workshop participants: Alice Cavicchi, Andreea Vasilcin, Francesca Olivieri, Frixos Petrov, Noah Gotlib, Olimpia Presutti, Philipp Bünger, Ryan Mujung Chiu, Selenia Marinelli, Simon Storey, Tomás Barberá Ramallo
Dates: September 2018
Location: Rome, Italy

APRIL 2015
Time - Frame - Mobility

MCA Time Frame Mobility 2

The workshop focused on the city’s multiple facets, intricate mobility and acquired plasticity. Through the use of individual selective lenses, explore the intangible dimensions that create/transform/incubate spaces and places. From temporary to permanent, from night to light, from sound to silence. Initially a Court - métrage - to tell its speed, its extension and the diversification of its characters, locations and moods. Re - Portage - to strategize a way of looking, a way of framing and reporting the city. Sauvage - To tactically infiltrate the Confluence! A playful approach to the city through temporary and speculative, architectural animals.

Workshop: Matteo Cainer
Workshop participants: Sid Chougrani, Jean Baptiste Andru, Thomas Deslaviere, Anouchka Atouvoefoun
Date: April 2015
Location: Confluence Institute Lyon, France

Mutations Architecturales Urbaines & Paysagères

MCA Mutation Architecturales

Matteo Cainer was invited to conduct a full three-day workshop organized by the City of Ajaccio and the CAUE 2A as part of the ‘Heritage Days’ with the thematic of ‘Mutations Architecturales Urbaines & Paysagères’. The workshop happened at the Lazaret Ollandini, now the Marc Petit Museum. 

Trained Architects and students from different European architecture schools teamed up in six working groups so as to tackles different sites in the city. The place d'Austerlitz, the site of des Milelli, the Berthault parc, the three towers des Salines, the urban entrance of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de l’Assomption, the quarter of San Carlu and the internal courtyard of Palais Fesch. The idea was to envision transformative urban projects for the city of Ajaccio. The resulting projects were not only utopian projects that challenged the current situation but helped pose questions and challenge ideas on buildings, public spaces and housing settlements.

Workshop: Matteo Cainer
Assistant Architects: Bastien Casasoprana, Luce Pozzo di Borgo
Workshop participants: Giosue Amoroso, Lea Etchegoyen, Louis Cayol, Sophie Razaire
Date: 3-5th September 2015
Location: Lazaret Ollandini- Ajaccio, Corsica

France 3
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Immersion in strong architecture / ‘A little bit aeternal

MCA A little bit aeternal

The opening workshop at La Tourette was structured around a series of four short, intense assignments addressing many different scales and subjects. All assignments were an exploration of the intangible dimensions of architecture, ‘the subtle substances of architecture’* as Lina Bo Bardi puts it, as a way to transform places and spaces both temporarily and permanently either through mere programming and strategy or through subtle physical transformations articulating the notion of Re-use.

The first asked students to develop an intervention that tactically “colonizes” the exceptional site where the workshop is held, Le Corbusier’s La Tourette. The second jumped to the scale of a city or a sector of a city characterized by urban crisis and ongoing transformation. Students researched and analyzed the site and conceive scenarios and urban strategies for regeneration to revitalize/transform «crisis» areas and turn them into vibrant and desirable places. The third worked on London iconic brutalist building and in the last they formulated an editorial statement and produced a layout project for a book featuring selected and edited materials from the previous assignments and a given conceptual theme.

Workshop: Alessandra Cianchetta, Matteo Cainer and Odile Decq
Workshop participants: Francesco Messina, Nhaila Chin Foo, Gerolamo Gnecci Ruscone, Charles Ober, Domitille Roy, Martin Detoeuf
Date: 29-3rd October 2014
Location: Couvent de La Tourette - Lyon, France