MCA Online

MCA ONLINE is a free online initiative launched in March 2020 to give our small contribution in this time of the COVID-19 Corona viruses.

Matteo Cainer is giving a series of free lectures (Tenso-lectures) that examine different thematic and trajectories addressed by the offices' research and projects. He is also dedicating 2 hours a day to help architecture students who are homebound, through reviews on architectural projects, portfolios or any other architectural or design issue.

All you need to do is contact us
So we can set up a  meeting and invite you to our virtual classroom for the lectures

*Reviews/crits can be done in Italian, English or French.



A conference series by Matteo Cainer aimed at tracing and illustrating not only our evolving creative process but the synchronicities, contaminations, and exchanges happening between our work, research and other disciplines.

Divided into seven ‘episodes’, the series will craft alliances and decorticate the thoughts and theories behind projects that cross-pollinate with art, dialogue with nature, recalibrate to technology, and question and impact society.

*Lectures will be in English

Tenso Lecture #1
April 9th 2020

Tenso Lecture #2
April 16th 2020

Tenso Lecture #3
May 3rd 2020

Tenso Lecture #4
May 24th 2020
VIDEO LINK - Coming soon